Halloween treats for young and old alike

Halloween is becoming more popular every year as a celebration. But it is no longer just for kids, adults love it too! Whether you are hosting children or adults, these treats will please everyone at the party. Reese’s Pieces Shortbread Although children are not permitted to come to school with peanut butter products, I have […]

PHOTOS: Students test skills at Danforth C&TI

After baking for a big hotel, the AGO, a small bakery in France and another in Riverdale, Kent Lin returned for one morning to where it all began – the kitchen at Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute. On March 11, Lin was among the many judges watching high school students sautée, bake, and weld their […]

Keep it sweet for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was designed by the marketing company responsible for northern climates. You need to have a Valentine’s Day to buck up spirits in the freezing cold. It is something special that keeps our minds off snow, ice and dreary – it’s romantic. The perfect antithesis! What’s more enticing than chocolate? Have fun with these […]