Remembering all our fallen

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War – the war that was to be the war to end all wars. That was not to be, however – since then another world war and many other terrible conflicts have taken tens of millions of lives. The Canadian contribution has been immense, […]

Malvern’s ‘Big Book’ remembers school’s vets

Malvern’s Second World War memorial isn’t a statue, it’s a pair of books. “Adams, D.” It’s the first name you encounter on opening the ‘Big Book’ and it’s just about the only thing you will learn about him, if you are lucky enough to see it in the archives of the Malvern Red & Black […]

55 Division cop headed to Afghanistan

“We truly become a culmination of all our experiences.” Those are the words of Staff Sergeant Grant Burningham, head of the Community Response Unit at 55 Division. And it could very well explain why the 27-year Toronto Police veteran is getting on a plane in May and going to Afghanistan as part of a training […]