Reel Beach: From Jim Carrey on SNL to Raymond Massey as Honest Abe, Canadian actors have long history of playing U.S. presidents

By BERNIE FLETCHER “Look, here’s the deal.” When Jim Carrey does his impression of Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live, that’s only the latest in a long line of Canucks playing American politicians. Canada is “sleeping with an elephant” and we’re worried about election results though it isn’t even our country. Raymond Massey (1896-1983) became […]

Reel Beach: Three made-in-Toronto TV shows (all nominated for upcoming Emmy Awards) take on issue of equal rights for women

By BERNIE FLETCHER It’s 2020 and yet people around the world still need to fight for basic human rights. Three made-in-Toronto TV shows highlight the struggle for equal rights for women over three different eras. The Emmy Awards (on Sunday, Sept. 20) will be acknowledging the strong performances by talented women in each of these […]

Reel Beach: Toronto TV shows feature number of rising stars

By BERNIE FLETCHER The television industry was booming in Toronto before the pandemic shut everything down. Will filming resume soon? I am trying to imagine a love scene or a fight with physical distancing. Here are some youth-oriented shows that were finished before COVID-19 changed our world. Catch some diverse young actors before they become […]