Becoming compañeros in Nicaragua

Companion – literally, one with whom you share your bread. Compañeros Inc. – A Canadian-Nicaraguan social enterprise, using private money for public good. During this past March break, a group of 16 from St. Aidan’s Church went to Managua, Nicaragua, to be compañeros with families living in an impoverished area of the city. We worked […]

Of stoplights and crosswalks

There are three things in life I abhor. I’m repulsed by mixed vegetables, particularly the mixes with the lima beans, peas, beans, corn and those little cubed carrots. They may look pretty, but to my palate they just don’t belong together. I can’t stand it when one of my guitar strings breaks, especially when I’m […]

Building humility and partnership

You may have seen in this paper in December a photo of a dilapidated shack outside St Aidan’s Church. The story accompanying it explained that it was put together by some of St Aidan’s youth, who are preparing to go to Nicaragua during their March break to participate in a building project in a poor […]

Mayor deserves prayer and respect

Rob Ford is still our mayor.   His has become such a household name that even nine-year-olds have opinions about his mayoralty. Before I continue spilling ink with yet another column about our city’s infamous mayor, you might be asking, what does an Open Doors column from one of the local Beach churches have to say […]

What are you hoping for this Christmas?

I dread the day in November when someone flips a switch at all the local radio stations and pop-Christmas music appears, always seeming to arrive too early, and sounding like the soundtrack to the crass commercialization of the Christmas season. Yet somewhere along the road to Dec. 25, I change my tune as I’m singing […]

Learning more than the steps at dance class

How do I get through this crisis?  When writer Anne Lamott asked her friend this question, his response was “Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Breathe.” In February of this year, I started on a new adventure. It was not a crisis, but certainly a new place of vulnerability and humbleness. I started ballroom dancing. […]

The power of a name

Now I bet each one of you receives junk mail most days of the week —  mail that’s addressed to ‘Occupant’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’.  That kind of mail isn’t likely to get my attention. However, if my name’s on it, I’ll read it. You see, there’s power in a name. Once you […]

Caring for nature a part of Christianity

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘spirituality’? In connection with church we often picture Sunday services, prayers and sermons about how to get to Heaven. In bookstores the spirituality section will typically have numerous books on meditation, world religions or the afterlife. But there’s a spirituality which is about getting your […]

A biblical view of the planet on Earth Day

What is one to say regarding the care for our good earth? The Judeo-Christian account of creation does not set forth a scientific understanding of how the world began, but rather points to why it exists at all. At the end of the first creation account in Genesis 1:31, we hear the words “And it […]

Dealing with cold hard blockheads

This is the time of year when we usually experience ice-like situations. It is not uncommon for a buildup of ice to occur. The challenge that comes is how to get rid of it. There are really only two ways to get rid of a cold, hard block of ice! One way is to pick […]