In My Opinion: Collaborative approach by all parties will be needed to make this minority government work

By NATHANIEL ERSKINE-SMITH Get back to work. If there is any message to take from a tough national campaign that returned a minority Liberal government, that’s the one. We’ve shown competence in procuring vaccines and delivering emergency benefits, and we need that same leadership towards sensible vaccine mandates, booster shots, extended benefits for hard-hit sectors, […]

In My Opinion: Councillor Bradford should listen and enforce Queen Street East development rules

By BRIAN GRAFF Beaches-East York Councillor Brad Bradford’s latest attack against opponents of the 18-storey skyscraper on Queen (i.e., Beaches Residents Association of Toronto) which appeared in the Aug. 24 edition of Beach Metro News is disappointing. Particularly because his modus operandi is to use Trumpian tactics instead of listening and addressing our assertions constructively. […]

In My Opinion: Take time to be informed on Queen and Coxwell plan

By BRAD BRADFORD COUNCILLOR, WARD 19 BEACHES-EAST YORK Over the last several months, I’ve been speaking to many community members about a small but vocal minority continuing to spread misinformation over the Housing Now proposal at Queen Street East and Coxwell Avenue. If there’s one simple take-away from all of the conversations happening, it’s how […]