A taste of Tuscany… in Tuscany

Ah Tuscany! Is there a more beautiful place on earth? This part of central Italy produces many famous wines, all based on the Sangiovese grape. Every year in February, the DOCG consortiums of Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile de Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino invite journalists from around the world (this year from 39 countries) to […]

Cellaring your wine at home

There’s nothing quite like being able to go to your wine storage space at home and retrieve a special bottle for a meal. It saves running out to the store and frankly, it’s quite civilized. However, if you are going to store wine at home, knowing where and how to do it is the key. […]

Judging wine…in Florida?

I just got back from Tampa Bay, Florida, but not for the reason you might think. I was there judging the Florida State Fair International Wine Competition from Feb. 9 to 11. Admittedly, the lure of warm weather compared to our Canadian winter, even though it’s not been bad here, certainly aided in my decision […]

Fine wine for your Valentine

The most sacred day for lovers is almost upon us and you had better get busy planning what to do for your Valentine. If he or she is into wine, a decent bottle or two accompanied by goodies or nibbles, all nicely gift-wrapped, is sure to win their hearts. Although most choices will do, there […]

Bottoms Up: Vegas wine & dine Italian style

Vegas has always had a strong Italian connection. The Rat Pack, led by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, had a huge influence, as did many of the Italian mobsters of yesteryear. As a result, that European flavour remained, and today Italian fare is one of the most dominant foods offered in Sin City. They cover […]

Frozen nectar of the gods

Happy New Year one and all! I trust the holidays were great and you managed to sip a glass or two of some interesting vino. Now that winter is officially upon us, my thoughts turn to icewine. This fascinating nectar of the gods is created from grapes that are naturally frozen on the vine in […]

Bottoms Up: What’s new for wine in 2012

It’s the holiday season and year’s end. Looking back, it’s certainly been an exciting year for wine. Rather than a traditional Christmas column, here are what I feel are the most important wine trends carrying into 2012. Some are positive and others, maybe not so. Why not pour yourself a glass of holiday cheer and […]

Bottoms Up: Dr. WineKnow’s wine tidbits

Grappa King Still Going Strong Sandro Bottega is well known among lovers of wine and spirits. His Proseccos are very popular here in Ontario and his Grappas – especially noted for the beautifully designed, artistic, hand-blown bottles they come in – are renowned worldwide as among the best. I spent a week with Sandro in […]

Bottoms Up: Chilean wines offer good value

There’s no arguing with the popularity of Chilean wines today. They’re always juicy, well-made and very indicative of their terroir. Furthermore, they represent great value for the dollar, are extremely enjoyable and infinitely food-friendly. Two of this country’s famous wineries that have been a mainstay in this market for years, and have helped catapult Chilean […]

Celebrity-owned wineries

What does a movie star, professional athlete, iconic musician or other celebrity do when they are looking for something to do with all the money they’ve accumulated? They invest in a winery, of course. It’s not to say that many of those who do aren’t interested in wine, but it’s also an interesting way of […]