Sugar subs may do more harm than good

According to data published a few weeks ago by the World Health Organization, our society is consuming too much sugar. It is recommended that we ingest no more than six teaspoons a day for optimal health, and yet in Canada we are consuming about 18 teaspoons daily. Our excessive consumption of sugar is a big […]

Cats are Beachers, too

It’s no secret that the Beach is a popular neighbourhood for dog owners, both to live and visit. The reasons for this are obvious, I can think of no better life in this city for a dog than one in this great community. What might surprise many is that in my practice the number of […]

Another chapter in the great fluoride debate

Recently the city of Toronto was paid a visit by Dr. Paul Connett, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network and its parent organization, the American Environmental Health Studies Project. Dr. Connett is a retired chemistry professor who formerly held a teaching position at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. In his retirement, Dr. […]

A bit of advanced planning makes meal time easier

We have all had those hectic days, when the dinner hour rolls around and we find ourselves faced with a hungry family and no idea what to make. And although we may have food in the fridge we do not have a meal planned. Sometimes we dash out to the grocery store in search of […]

Accreditation important for vets

We were incredibly proud to learn that we have been selected as finalists for the 2014 American Animal Hospital Association Accredited Veterinary Practice of the Year. This award is presented to one clinic in the US and Canada at the annual AAHA conference. When our clinic became AAHA accredited, we realized many pet owners had […]

Early start important for young teeth

One of the more common questions I am asked is when a young child should have their first dental visit. In fact, dental care actually begins with the mother’s healthy pregnancy. The primary (baby) teeth begin formation at 9-10 weeks into pregnancy, and as a result the mother’s nutritional intake, particularly vitamins and minerals, is […]

Bacterial balance key to good health

Our intestines are teeming with huge living communities of intestinal flora. In fact, there are 100 trillion bacteria in our digestive tract, including over 400 species containing both beneficial bacteria and pathogenic strains.  Overall this equates to about four pounds of these microorganisms in a given healthy adult. Most these bacteria are “good” and offer […]

Learning to understand what pets can’t say

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could talk? Vets will hear this question many times from pet owners in the exam room. It is certainly true that in many cases, if we could get some answers to a few simple questions from our patients, we could possibly shorten our list of potential causes […]

Dentists disliked, but trusted

Let us begin with a brutally honest comment: most would agree that the dentist’s office is not their favourite place to be.  It’s not that patients don’t like their dentist as a person; but frankly, there are a hundred other places that they would rather be.  And yet, when populations are surveyed about which vocations […]

GMO foods need cautious approach

Reading a label these days does not always ensure that you know exactly what you are eating. There has been a big change in the way our food is being produced – specifically genetic modification of produce. Genetically modified foods or GMOs can be found in all sorts of packaged, processed and non-organic foods and […]