Open House dos and don’ts

So, you’ve finally done it. You managed to find that perfect Beach property. If this was your first purchase, it may not have taken too long to find. It might have been the first home you looked at, or maybe it was after too many showings to remember. You may have come across it after […]

Not all retirements are the same

In preparing for retirement, each individual’s circumstances will impact when they can retire and how much income they will have during retirement. Let’s look at two individuals earning the same income and working for 30 years. Both are age 60. They each have five years to prepare for retirement. Marta: Marta is age 60 and […]

Plan your selling strategy well

As far as Thanksgiving weekend weather goes, this past long weekend has to rank up there as one of the best we’ve been given in a long time. It was like summertime all over again. Really quite spectacular, wasn’t it? And now that the last of the turkey leftovers are gone, or unless you celebrate […]

Financial ‘to do’s’ before the end of the year

Grandparents, parents, friends and family can contribute to RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plans) for children. Grandparents, parents, friends and family can contribute to RDSPs (Registered Disability Savings Plans) for qualified disabled individuals. A donation to an eligible charity can reduce annual income tax. If you turned age 71 this year you must convert RRSPs to […]

Food for thought (for pennies less)

Have you seen those couponing shows on the TV where they buy $1800 worth of groceries but end up paying only $5.47? I watched one recently and was absolutely blown away! But, realistically, I’m not turning my basement into a storeroom, or giving up my day job in order to do the organization required to […]

Summer market remains strong in Beach

By the time you read this article, summer is into its final month. And hasn’t it been a fantastic summer weather wise so far. Wow, two great summers in a row! Unbelievably, July and the Beach Jazz Festival are already behind us, and the back to school sales pitches are very close at hand. You […]

Learn the options for inheriting a RRIF

Ever wondered what the difference is between a ‘successor annuitant’ and a named ‘beneficiary designation’ when transferring from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan to a Registered Retirement Income Fund? Probably not, but the distinction is important. A RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a tax deferred savings plan to save for your retirement. At age […]

Reduce, reuse and upcycle

Spring is the time when garage sales pop up like tulips and daffodils! They are great places to find all sorts of bargains, and a great way to recycle your ‘stuff’. I used to think I was ‘cheap’, but it seems that I am really actually ‘green’. Beach Metro News has listings for all the […]