City’s failure to collect dead raccoon on Kingston Road during heat wave has business owner, residents angry

An image of the dead raccoon that is under a box on Kingston Road that was sent to Beach Metro Community News.

The body of a raccoon that was hit and killed by a vehicle on Kingston Road and then moved to the sidewalk nine days ago is still waiting to be collected by the City of Toronto.

The owner the Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore on Kingston Road at Victoria Park Avenue said hundreds of people are going by and seeing the decomposing body of the raccoon (placed under a cardboard box) that is swarming with flies and seeping onto the sidewalk.

The raccoon was hit on Monday, June 10, and removed from the street by a passerby, said Ella Minnow’s owner Heather in an email to Beach Metro Community News on Wednesday, June 19. Store staff assisted the passerby in bagging it and marking it to be picked up by a city crew after having called the 311 service.

And yet it has not been collected, and the smell and condition of the body is making many people in the area uncomfortable and angry at the delay by the city.

“Store customers are coming in gagging and in some cases angry with us that we haven’t ‘done something about it’, not believing that if we’ve reported it repeatedly, the city would not have responded by now,” said Heather Kuipers in her email to Beach Metro Community News.

“It is hot, the bag is seeping, there are flies all over, including trying to get into our store. The maggot situation is epic.”

Further adding to Heather’s frustration is that the cardboard box covering the dead raccoon’s body was collected by the city when it picked up recycling yesterday.

“Last night was our street recycling pickup, and the city crew took the box that was covering it along with our recycling, so we had to put a new box on it this morning,” said Heather.

She said she and others have contacted the city’s 311 service to file a report regarding the raccoon’s body, and they have also bee in touch with Beaches-East York Councillor Brad Bradford regarding the situation.

“A neighbourhood FB (Facebook) post has gotten attention and commiseration as a local deceased skunk was NEVER picked up and became a skeleton in the meantime,” said Heather.

“How can the city be so stretched that they are unable to take care of important tasks for the health and safety of our neighbourhoods?”

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