Arches and inukshuks being built by the Boardwalk drawing lots of comments and attention

Beacher Mark Frame with some of the Inuksuit and arches he has built along the Boardwalk near the foot of Maclean Avenue recently. Photo by Alan Shackleton.


Marc Frame was a little bored last week so he started to build some rock arches along the Boardwalk at the foot of Maclean Avenue.

Since he started, he has built numerous arches from stones in the area and a few inukshuks as well. Also, while he’s been working hundreds of people have been stopping to share comments and take photos of his creations.

“I’m bored at the moment, and I was bored on Friday and started to build some natural art and it’s been really well received,” said Frame, 24.

“I’ve had hundreds of comments from people and they really seem to appreciate it,” said Frame who grew up in and still lives in the Beach. “That’s been inspiring me to keep building them as people do like it.”

He said he’s feeling like a local celebrity now with all the comments and attention he is getting for the display of arches and inukshuks set up on the stone breakwall which is between the Boardwalk and the lake just west of Maclean Avenue.

“I feel like a Q-list celebrity. At least 30 people have wanted to take photos.”

It should be noted that not all of the works along the breakwall were created by Frame. Mostly, he has been building the arches with other people creating the majority of inukshuks.

While he’s enjoying setting up the works for now, he said it will probably only continue through the rest of this week as he’s starting a new job next Monday.

“Anyone can do it,” said Frame of building his creations from nearby rocks and stones that he has gathered.

“You just have to take your time and you have to have the time to be able to do it,” he said.

Frame said he enjoys creating natural works of art in the area, and has some plans along those lines for this winter as well.

“I’d like to continue to do this kind of stuff,” he said in a chat with Beach Metro Community News early on the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 13.

“I have big plans for the winter if we get enough snow. It will be a series of natural artworks.”

When he first started building the arches last week, Frame said he intended to use the “Roman method” but that ended up not working out so well.

“I originally was thinking of Roman arches and the Roman method uses infill to keep the rocks together and that didn’t really work out. Now I’m adding stones to keep the arches together.”

He said one of the arches took six hours to build, but others go much faster.

Frame said a tip for those hoping to build similar arches is to look for flat stones and a key stone to wedge them together. Builders also need to remember that the rocks will fall downwards and in on themselves so they need to be placed accordingly.

He said anyone who might have ideas for other natural artworks in the area can contact him through his Instagram at @marc.makes.

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