Guest Column: Welcome spring with these tips for quick and effective decluttering

Professional Home Organizer Emilie Glockner presents tips to help you declutter your home as you do some spring cleaning.


The secret to quick and effective decluttering is tackling small projects that make a big impact. Decluttering your home frees up physical space, relieves mental clutter and calms your mind.

As a Professional Home Organizer, most clients tell me that they find it difficult to declutter because they don’t know where to start or they don’t have enough time.

It can take days to fully declutter a room, which is not realistic for most people. Smaller achievable projects – in the right spaces – can help set you up for success.

So, where should you start? Begin with your main floor living areas. Improving these areas will have a large impact on your everyday enjoyment.

Each of these home projects will take only an hour or two.

1.) Kitchen — In the kitchen, focus on your countertops – the culprit of kitchen clutter.
Storing countertop items out of sight creates a sense of visual calm, and everyday cleaning becomes easier. Countertop items that can be stored include blenders, mixers, cooking utensils, cutting boards and kettles.
How can you free up cupboard space to fit these items? Pull out all your bulky and occasional items including: seasonal dishware, cheese boards, chip bowls and large trays. If it’s been years since you used some of these items, donate them to charity.

It may take a few weeks to get into the habit of putting your countertop items away. By storing them right after use, you will help keep your countertop clutter free.

2.) Entranceway — The front entrance is the first area you see when you get home. Inadequate shoe storage can make this area disorganized and stressful. If you are struggling to keep your entranceway tidy, relocate any seasonal footwear to another area in your home.

Where should you store your seasonal footwear? The best storage solutions include: a shoe rack in the bottom of a closet, in boxes on shelves, or simply putting them into a large bin in your basement/storage area. Out of sight out of mind!

Seasonally, donate footwear that you no longer need to maintain order and breathing room.

3.) Living Room — Declutter your cabinets and drawers in your living room and create a “home” for all remaining items.
Recruit your family to be on board so they are in the habit of putting items back in their designated places.

What about those items that seem to “float” around your living room, such as remote controls and the book you are reading?

Use a wooden or wicker storage box (with a lid!) on your coffee or side table to tuck away these items you want to keep handy.

Each of these small decluttering projects in the kitchen, entranceway and living room require minimal time investment and will create a major shift in your home and mindset.

If you want to take on larger decluttering projects but the task seems daunting, a professional can help.

This spring, make your shift towards a calm home, heart and life.

— Emilie Glockner of White Space Organized is a Professional Organizer who has lived in the Beach for 15 years. She can be reached at, 416-617-0421,, and on Instagram:

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