Letters to the Editor for Nov. 14, 2017

He’s driven past the Scarborough War Memorial for years

I had just arrived home after driving by the intersection of Kingston Road and Danforth Avenue, and sat down to read Richard Dionne’s article on the “forgotten” Scarborough War Memorial (Oct. 31).

I was quite moved and wanted to write and say what a touching and well written article Richard wrote. I have driven past that intersection for years, and never wondered about it’s history until now.

Even though there’s no safe way to cross to the cenotaph, I’m going to make a point of it before November 11. My father, Second World War veteran, passed away on Nov. 11, 1999, and I always make it a point to remember both the war vets and my father.

Steve Hunter

Misleading meetings

On Tuesday, Oct. 17 I spoke in opposition to the demolition of the historical landmark building at Kingston Road and Main Street, and to its seven-storey replacement, at the meeting of the Toronto and East York Community Council.

When my five minutes were up, the developer’s advocate had his say, showing a picture of what appeared to be a seven-storey glass wall (like an office building) rising straight up from the street on the corner.

It bore no resemblance to the illustration posted on the present buildings for over a year now, which show a red brick facade, stepped back on the upper storeys. (This seems like false advertising to me!)

There was no opportunity for debate, and the vote was taken right after. It seems the development has now been approved.

Our neighbourhood has been grossly misled in this matter. At the “preliminary” community consultation in February of 2016, we were told that there would be more opportunities to discuss the plans, but no further consultations took place, although many changes to the original plan were obviously made.

In future, we must take the initiative, as the “City of Neighbourhoods” will not pursue us for our input.

Mary Campbell

Bike lane trouble

The trouble with the planning department is lack of coordination and organization. They do things piecemeal and add changes much later than the initial installation of a project.

So, you have many complaints, many wasteful discussions, and the department starts all over again and again.

But, likewise, the arrogance and lack of information by councillors who disregard the power of persuasion by informing and elaborating on the issue, they resort to ineffectual Band-Aid solutions or tweaks.

Not surprising if this project does not have a happy ending.

Lela Gary

Bike lane love

I live in Ward 32, and my children’s school and my way to work is in Ward 31. I am writing to express my thanks to the city staff, and councillors Mary-Margaret McMahon and Janet Davies. Our whole family attended the engaging sessions at Stan Wadlow clubhouse, where plans were laid out and input was sought. The bike lanes are in, and I really appreciate them.

It seems that not all have the same appreciation, as I read, with astonishment and disappointment, in the Beach Metro and other news outlets last month. Instead of blaming speeding cars blasting past schools on the bad behaviour of motorists, some instead blamed the Woodbine bike lanes.

As I look at all the single occupancy vehicles in the traffic with me, blaming bike lanes for the congestion is supremely unfair. And as I drive through Woodbine (honestly surprised at the lack of congestion, after all I’ve read) whaddya know, there’s that traffic still waiting for us, as it always was, on O’Connor, Queen, Danforth and the Gardiner. The problem isn’t the cyclists – the problem is us motorists!

I’m choosing to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, by getting on my bike. These bike lanes have made that decision easier for a lot of us.

And as my children grow older, I’m going to encourage them to use them, too.

Robert Wallis


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