You are what you drink

Does what drink you order in a bar or club say much about who you are? According to research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh a number of years ago, it does.

Although the study focused on men, from my experience and observation over the last three decades in the alcohol industry, I think the results can be spread over to women as well.

I think we can all agree that a drink, when out with friends, helps strengthen social bonds, breaks down barriers, and overall improves our mood and relaxes us.

However, your choice of alcoholic beverage could provide some insight into your personality and lifestyle.

Let’s start with beer (regular domestic, light domestic, craft/imported). If you usually order a regular domestic brew like, Blue, Coors, etc., science says chances are you’re practical, sensible, middle-of-the-road politically and may be quick to challenge authority. You probably love your wheels and like to party.

Light, domestic beer (Bud Light, Miller Light, etc.) drinkers are obviously concerned about alcohol intake. That makes them more responsible and possibly conscious of their weight. Apparently, they’re impulsive and perhaps quick to take risks.

If you lean toward craft or imported suds, research says you are probably fussy, extroverted, outgoing, intellectually curious and open-minded. You most likely are interested in new, exciting, varied experiences. In fact, you may even be a bit of a snob.

What about wine drinkers? If the nectar of the grape is your thing, you most likely have graduated from an institute of higher learning and could be a professional of some sort. Maybe discerning, mature and possess good taste!

Colour of wine also provides interesting information about lifestyle. They found that red wine drinkers are “more likely to have a degree, be married and drink more frequently than those who have a preference for white or rosé” while white wine drinkers are “home-lovers who are content with their position on the career ladder” and “more likely happily single”. Red wine lovers appear to be more ambitious, cultured and travel more. Rosé aficionados are most likely in a “happily settled, unmarried relationship”.

Now the hard stuff! They found that whiskey drinkers are usually authoritative, strong and discerning. The younger in this group (early twenties to mid-forties) prefer blended versions while older demographics (50-plus) vie for single-malts or specialty bottlings.

Vodka sippers care about fashion, their appearance, are opinionated, independent and like being in charge.

If gin is your tipple of choice, you supposedly are a realist, appreciate comfort and security, are interested in relationships and focus on family and home life. In other words…mature! Rum drinkers are another story. According to the research, they’re creative, experimental, slightly eccentric, impulsive, enjoy art and jazz.

When it comes to tequila, wild and free seems to be the norm. You may be outgoing, talkative and fun and love to party. The brandy gang would exhibit much the same characteristics as red wine drinkers.

Whether you buy into these generalizations about your choice of tipple reflecting your personality and lifestyle or not, is up to you. Personally, I believe there are too many variables to specifically categorize people according to their choice of spirit. But it certainly makes for some interesting and entertaining reading and conversation. So why not sit back, pour a glass of your favourite imbibe and play armchair psychologist/sociologist contemplating what it says about you.

Edward Finstein is a wine writer, author, TV and radio host, educator, judge.

Connect with him on Twitter at @DrWineKnow, or on Facebook

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