Letters to the Editor for March 8, 2016

Libraries closed on Sunday? That shouldn’t be possible

The other day, my mother asked me if I could go to the library and pick up some books for my sister before we flew south. I was not surprised that my sister had left this request to the last minute, but I was surprised that my mother did not know that the library is closed on Sundays.

When I told her this she looked at me in horror. Her look said, “But how is that possible?!”

Indeed. How is this possible? Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax and Winnipeg, to name only a few, have libraries open on Sundays. Some libraries choose to close on Mondays, but many are open seven days a week. Sunday is a perfect day to curl up with a good book.

So, I ask once again, how is it possible that such a vital service as our library is closed to us on Sunday?!

Georgia Hood


Kew Gardens confusion

I believe a lack of communication has created an atmosphere of confusion among many Beachers. Here are the facts:
On Nov. 22, 2013 Beach Metro News published its first article stating the initial proposal at $400,000 to $500,000. Since then, after 53 issues, there have been only three articles.

The Beach Village BIA held two public meetings in 2015 that were poorly advertised. I would have attended them had I known about them.

In its last 28 issues, councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon’s email newsletter mentioned the Kew Gardens project only once, on June 12, 2014.

The initial proposal of $400,000 has now tripled to $1.2 million including taxes. The BIA is contributing $160,000.

Initially, the stated intention of the project was to draw people up to Queen Street from the boardwalk. Now, there is no mention of it. Let’s all hope that the worn-down cenotaph will be properly updated.

Around April 1, weather permitting, the shovels dig in, with completion planned for August.

Instead of spending all this money at Queen Street, perhaps some funds should have been used for updating the Gardener’s Cottage, which can no longer be used as it does not meet today’s safety regulations. This charming building could have been used as a landmark, visited from the boardwalk, thereby enticing people up to Queen Street, which was the BIA’s original intent.

Since it appears that the city has got money to flaunt, let’s at least be thankful that it’s being spent here in the Beach.

Clyde Robinson

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