Letters to the Editor for Nov. 3, 2015

Empty storefront on Queen St. E. PHOTO: Bennett Guinn

Thanks go out to strangers for help in time of difficulty

On October 5 at Queen and Bellefair, my son Sam and his girlfriend, Emma, lost their beloved puppy, Hector, when he wriggled out of their arms and was hit and killed by a car.

It was an unspeakable tragedy and my son became very emotionally distraught. So many people stepped up to help that day, complete strangers offering love and support both emotionally and physically. We want to thank them all.

To the couple who got Sam and Hector to the vet and then stayed with him, holding him, trying to calm him afterwards, to the group of women who walked Emma to the vet’s office, to the people who helped at the scene and then came to the vet’s office to check on both kids: thank you from all of us. It was a horrible situation, compounded by the strong emotional reaction by both Sam and Emma. Your compassion and kindness meant so much and both of them spoke at length about it that night. (If we are incorrect in some of the details, please forgive us. Some are sketchy. Just know we are thanking everyone that helped that day.)

To the staff from the vet clinic, particularly Meaghan: what you witnessed that day was grief in its rawest form. Thank you for handling it with compassion.

And lastly, to the driver: we are so sorry that this happened to you. We fully understand what a traumatic experience this must have been. First the accident, and then the outpouring of grief you witnessed at the vets office. Please know that no one holds you responsible. It was not your fault. And we so appreciated the concern you showed afterwards (we were told that you came to the clinic).

The grief of that horrible day is fading. We are all recovering and Sam and Emma are moving forward. We remember all your kindness, a powerful reminder of how empathetic and compassionate people surround us every day. Thank you.

The Dufort/Dannetta Family

Elmer Avenue/Waverley Road

The Boire Family

Pickering, ON

The sorry state of Queen Street

I recently visited my old stomping grounds and was very depressed to see the sorry state of many businesses on Queen Street. Many stores have closed and look like they’ve been abandoned. An eyesore on the corner of Queen and Woodbine (a former gas station) started the tour.

I understand that many of the closed businesses were the result of unscrupulous landlords raising rents to astronomical levels. ($20,000 a month! Really?) Viable businesses have been forced to relocate at great expense to their owners, says a good friend, a long-time Beach resident who has been following the topic.

Queen Street just doesn’t have the good vibe it once did.

Bennett Guinn

Victoria, BC

Lack of compassion at Leslie Street Spit

An unfortunate event occurred several weeks ago on the Leslie Street Spit.

I was cycling with my family when my son, age 8, fell from his bike and cut his chin. He was bleeding and screaming, and will have a scar for life.

I raced home to get our health cards and the car to get him to the hospital as quickly as possible.

My wife and son started to make their way to the landward end of the spit. Along the way they saw the tram that ferries people to and from the Aquatic Park Sailing Club. They flagged it down and asked for a lift back to the headland.

The driver, in spite of my son’s bloodied face, said no. She said they didn’t have insurance to take any non-club passengers. She drove away.

My wife and son had to walk back, dripping blood.

Good Samaritan laws stipulate that you can’t be liable for picking up someone in such dire straits.

And who in their right mind would refuse to help in such a situation? It’s inhuman.

Chris Knight

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