Letters to the Editor for May 19

Kindly acts may be putting Woodbine Park swans at risk

While we all enjoy our family of swans in Woodbine Park, we may be making them sick by feeding them bread. It is great fun feeding them, so make sure you give them the clover that grows in the grass, or lettuce. Or just leave them alone, because they have a great food source all around them.

Anne Radonicich
Queen Street East


New paving not wanted on Glen Stewart Crescent

We are heartened by the fact that our neighbours here on Glen Stewart Crescent near unanimously signed a last-minute petition to stop unnecessary cosmetic repaving, while glaring potholes and cavitations remain undone on Main Street just around the corner.

We are not nimbies! We’d rather see those precious tax dollars misspent here applied to fixing gaping road damage elsewhere.

While we couldn’t prevent this work being sprung on us over this May Day weekend, a number of pertinent questions have been posed to Mayor Tory, councillor McMahon, and the city inspector in charge.

We remain puzzled why only the scenic ravine side of our street is being repaved when in 2013 trenches for sidewalk repairs were cut on both sides, and why the one minor crack  in our road surface on the north side is still not being repaired.

Following eastbound in the traces left by the scraping dinosaur, we were surprised just how selectively this “mill and pave” work is being applied, given that all the neighbouring streets underwent the same water and gas service renewal within the last five years.

Just around the corner on Southwood the exclusive double frontage is being scraped while the washboard at the bus stop isn’t. A web of cracks on Cavendish and Glen Stewart Avenue and Winthorpe remain while upscale Glen Manor “On the Park” is being redone.

Most incriminating is the fact that ritzy Balsam Road – the priciest cul-de-sac on the ravine – is included while mid-scale Balsam Avenue is not.

We have come to the conclusion that only the fanciest pockets in our ward are accorded this special and largely cosmetic resurfacing treatment. Highest assessments rather than actual road conditions seem to be determining the priority!

Our appeal to city hall: “Repave first where potholes are worst,” and not where assessments are highest!

Acosta, J. Barlow, E. Lemster, H. Modlich
Glen Stewart Crescent

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Well said. It’s a shocking waste of tax dollars throughout the neighbourhood, while the worst of streets like Main go unrepaired. Similarly, the sidewalk in front of my house has been replaced three times in 10 years – twice unnecessarily. That said, it’s a myth to think that cosmetic paving has anything to do with the streets that pay the highest assessments. I believe it’s the lack of oversight by the city departments responsible for the contractors who have been digging up our streets.

G Chiasson
Glen Stewart Ave.

I noticed that Southwood was repaired but they skimped and left some areas undone that look like they will need patching soon.

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