Letters to the Editor for April 21, 2015

RE: The constantly changing face of Kingston Rd, March 24:

There was a lot of detail about projects and developers but she skimmed over the biggest issue: street parking. As a resident of a street parallel to Kingston Road I have trouble finding a spot to park later in the day and often have to go to another street. There are no spots available for much of the day. Some cars or trucks belong to people living on Kingston Road while others apparently drive in and park in the street and get a streetcar or bus to continue downtown to work, avoiding the hefty parking costs.

Why should we pay for a parking permit then have to go streets away or never move the car so we don’t lose the space?

Street parking in the area is at saturation point so any new condo projects should come with sufficient on-site parking and a ban on issuing street parking permits to condo residents with two cars.

Chris Watson

RE: Even in the realm of comedy, racism is still racism, Letters to the editor, March 24:

I commend you on attending and supporting local live entertainment. I also commend you on writing a letter expressing your disappointment and uneasiness about watching a young comedian perform at the Top Shelf Comedy Show at St. Louis Wings.

You describe how his material was racist, and by the way you described it, I agree with you whole-heartedly; however, my question is why didn’t you get up and leave the room until he was finished, or tell the organizer(s) of the event?

If you did neither of these, then I dare say your silence allowed him to go on without receiving your disapproval.

I too am a performer and on occasion perform comedy; without feedback of any kind, I would not grow. This gentleman needed your feedback, as a performer and human being.

You needed that chance to find your confidence and speak your mind openly, perhaps one on one with somebody at that venue, if not the comic, then maybe management, so that the comic would hear your valuable feedback.

It’s a shame if you both missed that opportunity to grow.


Tom Melissis

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