Letters to the Editor for January 12, 2015

A gift of goodwill from a mystery “Christmas Angel”

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to the “Christmas Angel” who found my wallet in the Valumart parking lot just a few days before Christmas and turned it in.

I had bought a few items in the store and accidentally left my wallet in a grocery cart. When I returned home, I quickly realized it was missing and rushed back to the store, skeptical that it would still be there. Imagine how happy I was that it was at the front desk.

This just affirms why I have lived in the Beach for more than 20 years now and call it home for my family and business. This special neighborhood has neighbors who watch out for each other. Thanks again to my “angel” and Merry Christmas to him or her.

Dr. Jane Gillanders


Beach drivers some of the worst around

Having grown up here in the Beach I have many cherished childhood memories and am creating more as I raise my own family here. I love our community. But I have a problem: drivers.

I drive a lot. I wish I didn’t. I walk when I can but my work necessitates a car and my travels take me all over the GTA. I have had the opportunity to observe and compare a lot of drivers and am sad to say that I experience Beachers as the rudest. How can this be when we are so privileged to have such a unique and family-friendly community neighborhood to live and play in?

This morning I drove my son and two friends to school. I stopped to pick up our traveler who was waiting curbside on a side street ready to go. I pulled over, he jumped in and I drove off while he buckled up on the fly. The pick-up took approximately six seconds. There were no cars behind me. However a car did turn onto the side street during those six seconds. The driver sped up and drove around me while honking and waving his middle finger.

By necessity we ended up following him on the way to our destination. He took it upon himself to teach us a lesson by stopping suddenly, faking a turn, then sitting and making us wait before giving us the finger and screeching off only to stop and do it all again. He spent more time trying to slow us down than if he had just carried on normally.

Now, I am not talking about all Beachers. There are drivers who accommodate traffic incidentals, park mindfully and offer a kind wave of thanks and a smile. But others, and you know who you are, seem to think you have more rights on the road than the rest of us.

We are a community. Respect, civility and a healthy dose of kindness and patience goes a long way. How about we share the road?

To the jerk who serenaded us with his car horn and gave me and my young passengers the finger this morning, you seem to forget I know where you live and what you drive. If you found a pair of mittens in your mailbox for Christmas this year, they were from me. I hope they keep your middle finger warm and tucked away from the eyes of the kids in my vehicle who will be learning patience, awareness and humour instead of the childish, dangerous and self-indulgent behaviour you exhibited today.

Deann deGruijter

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