Letters to the Editor for July 29

Yet one more reason to love life in the Beach

On the afternoon of June 25, my dear friend Kathi from Winnipeg, her grandson, and her sister joined me for a walk on the boardwalk. Lynne and I sat on a bench near the Leuty Lifeguard Station while the other two played along the shore. I was to mind Kathi’s purse, and became distracted when we started to walk back to the Balmy Beach Club.

On arrival – NO purse. We charged back to the bench – NO purse containing all ID, a significant amount of cash and an iPad. The garbage truck men started to look in all the bins along the way.

Joanne from the city came along the bike path in her truck, holding up Kathi’s orange purse. Was I relieved! She said a good samaritan was guarding the purse until she gave it to Joanne, who knew we weren’t far away as Dominic’s shoes were there too. With no ID for Toronto, Joanne had phoned Winnipeg to inform someone of the retrieval.

We are very grateful to the wonderful woman who guarded the purse and shoes, and to the city staff who were so very helpful. Thank you to everyone.

Sue Stuart


People, not dogs, are the real problem

I own a 53 kg high-energy, mixed breed dog that has an even temperament and is not generally aggressive to people or other dogs (unless they’re un-neutered males). He’s part hound and can be attracted to food sources, but I try to be vigilant about this.

My dog, however, doesn’t get the chance to burn off his excess energy unless he’s allowed to run off-leash. For this I take him to the Ashbridges Bay Park area which tends to be less busy, and I take him there in the early morning and just before supper time on the weekdays. On the weekends I only take him there in the early morning. I do this because he doesn’t get the same type of a run in the off-leash areas. I also pick up after him.

What my dog doesn’t do is the following:

•He doesn’t leave garbage or broken bottles strewn all over the park

• He doesn’t have a barbecue and dump hot coals in the park

•He doesn’t leave behind unextinguished campfires

•He doesn’t deface or damage park property

•He doesn’t walk four abreast on the bike path with no regard for bikers and bladers

We don’t live in a perfect world, but it’s not dogs that are the problem for the most part … it’s humans. Maybe they should be on a leash.

Peter Barker

Corley Avenue


On proposed changes at Kew Gardens

If the goal of the BIA is to bring people up from the beach TO Queen Street, why glam up only the Queen Street side of Kew Gardens? For people on the boardwalk looking north toward Queen, there is a slightly elevated flower garden forming a kind of barrier but nothing to draw them into the park. To visually open up the lake side of the park with something enticing people to enter the park and lead them past the Gardener’s Cottage up the walk toward Queen, might be a good idea.

Is almost $700,000 really worth only a few businesses on Queen getting the visual benefits of an over-designed park entrance? The entire street needs more trees, especially between Hammersmith and Glen Manor, as well as nicer lighting for the evenings, especially in winter.

Connie on Queen

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