Beach poet explores serious and lighter sides of life

In his first book of poetry, Heart & Souls, Beach writer Leopoldo Paradela focussed on the subject of love. For his second outing, he transcends love to explore the universality of human existence and our relationship with our creator.

Paradela-Soliloquy-coverSoliloquy contains almost 100 short poems by Paradela; each a poignant, thought-provoking work designed to give you a look into the poet’s mind…and perhaps question things as he has. Take for example ‘Wayward’, in which the writer begins by complimenting his lover: “I like how you are and your husky tone/excites me when you speak to me that way…” but finishes by telling her, “If you change I do not know if I can love you.”

Paradela, a deeply spiritual man, nonetheless is not beyond asking serious questions. In the poem ‘December’, he wonders what is the name of the being which we celebrate and, if none then, “Who shall stand in Your defense/accused in an atheist court of law?” On the one hand the poet says, “Thou art responsible for creation/not destruction that is human/our own domain.” while in another poem wonders, “Corpses stretched on streets/carcasses stacked in trucks/martyrs of man’s own war./If God permits such insanity/I assume it is proper to question/His legitimacy and fake divinity.” Serious questions indeed.

Paradela can also see the humour in existential things as well. His poem ‘Wet Dreams’ is just such a piece. “A falling raindrop wonders where/the wind will carry it to execute/its purpose of a suicidal transient life./Hopefully not in the mystic ocean/where its impact is hardly felt./ Not in a muddy puddle please,/it has its principles in purity./A big splash on someone’s/bald head, it hopes chiefly.”

Soliloquy is published by Fortytwo Bookz Galaxy, and costs $10. You can order it online at

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