Your drink reflects your personality

Happy New Year one and all! I trust you had a fab holiday season. Over the holidays I came across market research reports and survey data collected by Mindset Media and Ros Taylor Group. Both study consumer habits and psychology. The two groups drew some correlation between what alcoholic beverage men choose to drink and their personalities. As I had plenty of opportunity to observe people and their imbibe of choice over the festive season, I decided to pay attention to these findings and see how they panned out. Although the research was focused on men, I believe much of the data can be applied to women as well, so I thought I would share their results.

Men who drink domestic light beer were said to be risk takers, impulsive, easy-going, accepting of most people and respectful of authority. They were also found to be 34 per cent less likely than the average man to buy organic products. Apparently bartenders, when polled about this consumer, said the choice was a comfortable order for them. In my mind, they’re probably responsible individuals who are concerned about the woes of drinking and driving. For women, they may be calorie conscious.

Consumers of domestic full-flavoured beer were found to be sensible, practical, grounded, generally middle-of-the-road in their politics, quick to challenge authority and 42 per cent more likely than the average man to own a truck. From my experience, these consumers, men or women, are no-nonsense folks that shoot straight from the hip and don’t go in for gimmicks.

Craft and imported beer drinkers were discovered to be outgoing, extraverted, intellectually curious, open-minded, interested in new and varied experiences, more likely to lean to the left politically, and 36 per cent more likely to enjoy the show The Office. I would think these consumers, men or women, would be more discerning in their tastes in general, perhaps more into organics and quality over quantity.

Wine drinkers were found to be mature, discerning, organized, well educated, confident, more than likely a professional, but unadventurous and less likely to take risks. Most of the wine drinkers I know are quite intelligent, reasonably well educated, into the finer things in life, love to travel and stay in nice places, love great food and are into the arts and culture.

Whiskey drinkers were observed to be more macho, authoritative and discerning. I suppose it depends on what the whiskey is. When it comes to Scotch, for instance, I find that the younger crowd, say under 40-something, are more likely to go for the blended stuff, while the over-50 crowd, more likely to vie for single malts.

The results for vodka drinkers showed them to be control freaks, opinionated, independent, caring about fashion and appearance. Know any of these folks?

Those who preferred gin were found to be realistic, appreciative of comfort and security and interested in relationships, family and home life. From what I’ve observed, it seems to be the tipple of sophisticated, middle-aged people.

Rum lovers were deemed experimental, creative, likely to be into jazz/art, perhaps slightly eccentric, and often impulsive. I’m sure whether rum is consumed straight up or mixed plays a part here.

The tequila person was pegged as a free spirit, outgoing, talkative, fun and not too concerned with achievement. My own experience with tequila drinkers is that they like to party.

The big question is, do you see yourself, personality-wise, characterized under the specific drinker? Admittedly, some of the results are downright outrageous, funny and even less than complimentary. As to whether you and I agree with much of it is questionable. One thing is certain: it definitely makes for some interesting conversation, and is worth a tongue-wag over your favourite imbibe.

Edward Finstein, a.k.a. The Wine Doctor, is a wine writer, educator, judge &  consultant.

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