Dog ‘bosses’ – rounding up the usual suspects

We work for these guys. They call the shots. In fact, they’ve got this big heist planned for June 10! You didn’t hear it from me, but tails are gonna spin at WOOFSTOCK this year! With a little cooperation from all of you, this ‘job’ could mean $150K for the ‘bosses’ pictured here and the rest of the K9 Rescue Me gang!

Here’s the inside scoop. This year marks the ninth Annual K9 Rescue Me Walkathon at WOOFSTOCK in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. It’s the largest outdoor dog festival in North America – the perfect venue for the best four-legged fugitives dog biscuits can buy to pull off the perfect crime (of compassion)!

Paws up to our Dogfather, K9 Rescue Me. Since its start in 2004, this non-profit has been committed to representing reputable dog rescue groups across Ontario. There are close to 30 member rescue groups working under its umbrella raising awareness and funds for abandoned dogs in need of loving homes.

As Captain Renault said in Casablanca, “Round up the usual suspects!”

First in the line-up is Riley, a.k.a. ‘BabyFace’, of Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR). He’s a backyard-bred Rottweiler with a face that could rob you blind…literally! 9-year-old Riley was rescued in December. His people had ignored the glaucoma invading his eyes, neglecting to provide even the most minimal care of daily eye drops. SOAR’s veterinarian says Riley has essentially suffered a migraine for the last 6 years. Sadly, one eye is kaput but there’s hope to save the other with $5,000 of surgery. Riley is worth all that and a bag of toys. He likes to play kissy-face with his eye doctor during check-ups (when his mouth isn’t already occupied with a toy or the tail of his pint-sized Pomeranian playmate he met in the waiting room).

Next up is Wyatt aka ‘The Goof’, but don’t be fooled by his alias! He understands the concept of retrieving, just not as it applies to him. Bosses don’t have to play by the rules and he deserves to be boss. At four years old, this handsome Golden Retriever has had a ruff life battling epilepsy. His people gave up on him after too many grand mal seizures. But the golden folks at Golden Rescue had no intention of giving up on Wyatt. Together with their vet, they sorted out the proper dosage of medication to help control his seizures. He’s living up to his nickname now, finally being the goofy Golden he was meant to be – taking but not always giving back that squeaky ball…or your heart!

One can’t pull off a heist without an International Dog of Mystery whose last mission was Kuwait! Meet Brownie, a 3 year old Boxer in name only. He was found left for dead in the desert after some monsters had used him for dog fighting. Brownie may be a fighter but not that kind of fighter. Taken in by Animal Paws of Kuwait, he put up his dukes only to fight for his survival. A volunteer at the Kuwait shelter said Brownie is “one of the greatest dogs I’ve ever met.” Our friends at Boxer Rescue Ontario couldn’t agree more. On May 11, they welcomed Brownie to Canada with open arms and a special donation from Rens Pet Supply of Oakville! Had he accepted a mission in Hawaii, he would have scored the traditional lei upon arrival. When he touched down at Pearson, he scored even better – a bright red leash, collar and an “I LOVE CANADA” bandana to complete the patriotic look! Brownie’s nickname is Mr. Red.

A good heist also requires a veteran of velocity for fleeing the scene! Goodman, formerly known as ‘A Few Good Men’, retired from his professional greyhound racing career last July after 55 races. That career came with a cost. His racing days were over but so, it seemed, were his walking days. Soon after turning his back on the track, Goodman became lame. His rescuers at Greyhounds in Need of Adoption feared the worst – a soft tissue or bone injury left undetected. To their relief, Goodman was diagnosed with corns! Thanks to a daily application of ointment on his tender tootsies and a protective boot for his rear left paw, Goodman is back on his feet. We call him Lefty now.

Just like Ocean’s Eleven, our WOOFSTOCK Seven includes a pretty lady. Sunny doesn’t need a nickname. She’s a shining star, brightening every day for her entourage at Boston Terrier Rescue Canada since her transfer from a Windsor shelter over a year ago. You’d think her chronic skin issues would make her as grumpy as a thunderstorm sounds but not a chance! Little Miss Sunshine is way too happy in her permanent foster home to cry over life’s raindrops. After all, that’s how rainbows are made!

Brownie isn’t the only International Spy in on the Heist of the Year. Introducing Calvin aka ‘Chiweenie’ from Taiwan! Calvin is a spicy combination of Dachshund and Chihuahua in the care of Canadian Dachshund Rescue (CDR). Each year, CDR finds space to rescue a handful of purebred and mixed Dachshunds from Taiwan, given the dire situation for stray dogs there. Calvin had a broken femur which needed immediate attention. With the help of CDR’s partner group in Taiwan, Calvin came to Canada for his second chance. Thanks to a fabulous foster mom and her patient’s pawsitive attitude, Calvin has made a full recovery! Now all he needs is for you to adopt him so he can apply for his Canadian citizenship.

Last but not least, we need a bully to lead this brat pack. Mayor aka ‘Muscles’ is just the hire to inspire! This pitbull-type dog has been brushing up on his leadership skills by taking a few courses in his spare time. He’s dabbled in dock-diving, rally and agility, but his favourite is weight-pulling. Despite his strength, Mayor has no intention of bullying anybody. After a day of weight-pulling, our Mr. Mayor would much rather curl up into a small but muscular ball next to you on the couch! That’s what a REAL bully is to our friends at Bullies In Need.

So there’s a peek at just a few of the top dogs in charge of the biggest heist of the summer! I don’t expect they’ll do any time for this kind of crime. They plan to steal your hearts so you’ll keep saving theirs.

The K9 Rescue Me Walkathon kicks off at 11:00am on Sunday, June 10th in the Rescue Me Village at WOOFSTOCK, To learn more about  the dog rescue groups involved, visit Funny thing about our hearts – no matter how many times we give them away, we always have more to give! To everyone who plans on giving their hearts away to the usual suspects on June 10th…Here’s looking at you, kid!

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