Should we honour the humble Boardwalk?

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words on behalf of that beloved symbol of this area, the Boardwalk which has sturdily made its way along the east end of the waterfront ever since it was built in 1932.

It is a warm and wonderful symbol of this blessed part of Toronto and over the years it has served us well.  I believe it is high time we acknowledged its contribution to the life and the lore of this area. Having said that, I know there are many people who share this sentiment.

I suggest that some formal recognition be given to that modest assemblage of wooden planks that is the personification of all that is good and unique to the Beach. I do not mean anything fancy or formal, because I believe such ostentation would only embarrass that humble asset that has served us so uncomplainingly over the decades. But perhaps there could be a Boardwalk day during the summer when its contributions to the community would be formally acknowledged.

I leave it to nimbler minds than mine to advance this thought if indeed it strikes a responsive chord.

Sturdy Gert
I get a lot of inquiries about Sturdy Gert McCurdy and can only tell you that I will have some news about everybody’s sweetheart very shortly.

I can tell you that her knuckles have been declared to be dangerous weapons, and there is talk in legal circles to render them inoperable. This suggestion has been widely approved in some circles but opposition quickly fades when the Sturdy one starts waving them under the noses of those who favour the idea.

I will have more on the subject when the hospital’s fracture ward resumes the practice of allowing visitors in to see their loved ones.

Just one last note on Sturdy before I pass on to other matters. I have long thought that the full moniker for that young super star on the Pittsburgh Penguins was Sidney the Kidney. In fact I used that term during the course of a recent chat with Sturdy. So imagine my surprise when she delivered a forearm wallop to my ear in the course of pointing out that in fact the proper name is Sid the Kid. I plan on using that term as soon as the swelling in my head permits me to talk normally.

Christmas decorations
But on to matters of a local nature and once again I am hoping to see Queen Street merchants getting into the spirit of the season and start decorating their front windows with all manner of Christmas decorations. It’s good for the streetscape and it is also good for the business people because I believe that is the sort of thing that attracts passersby into their premises.

And speaking of that sort of thing, what do you get in the way of a Christmas present for my daughter and her husband Glenn who have recently acquired a handsome puppy that they have named Ginger?

They already have a dog and as far as I know their household menagerie also includes at least one cat and several fish, all of which are named Eddie as near as I can tell. It sounds like a hectic household but the couple seems to have everything under control so I am not going to worry. Which is just as well because they never pay me any heed under the best of circumstances.
That is pretty well it for now but I will be doing an in-depth examination of Sturdy Gert in my next column.

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The Beaches make Toronto unique and without this vital and important neighborhood Toronto would be Toledo,Ohio.Ask Arlene…

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