Twins battle for building laurels

Dan and Nikki Hall have a lot in common. And perhaps it’s only to be expected. After all, they are twins and both have a passion for renovating.

That’s why, over a dinner one night, when they started talking about their plans to each construct a new home, a friend in the reality TV business got the idea to do a show featuring the twins trying to outdo one another. The result of that dinner is a W channel series called Sibling Rivalry.

Nikki said that while she had been intending to build a new home, the “show moved the deadline forward.” The motive for the new house? Nikki was pregnant with her fourth child when the show started.

On paper, Dan would seem to have the upper hand in the competition. He is a builder by trade. However, he specializes in large commercial construction, and had no experience with residential builds.

The show follows the twins as they search for a suitable property right down to the time they move into their new homes.

Nikki said that, with four kids, she knew that the Beach was where she wanted to be. “It’s a small town in the big city,” she said.

Dan opted for a location in southwest Scarborough. “I got more land for my money,” he said. “And a great view of the lake,” added his sister.

Both Nikki and Dan ran into problems with their projects. “It’s not as glamorous or easy as it looks on some shows…it’s a lot of work,” Nikki said. Because the show covers so many of the problems that crop up while constructing a house, she thinks it would make good viewing for anyone thinking about buying a new home  even if they don’t construct it themselves.

And what about that Rivalry thing?  Nikki did admit that Dan’s build did go a lot smoother than hers but in the end they both ended up with the house they wanted. Dan is newly married and constructed a house that suits  his desire to build bigger and better than the last one he built. Nikki’s house is centred on her family. In the end, they decided they were both winners.

“Besides,” said Nikki, “blood trumps everything.”

The 13-part show airs on W on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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Hi Nikki and Dan,
I feel as though I know you guys. I work midnight to 8 a.m. and break my butt trying to get home just to watch your show, which comes on at 9:30 a.m. I live in New Jersey, in the USA.

I hate missing the show, even though, I know I have already seen every episode many times.

Please do something else together. I would love to come to Toronto to meet you both some day. Hey Dan, did you get married? Any kids yet? Nikki, How are your kids coming along? Any more since the show is over?

Love you guys!

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