Many hands turn visioning into action

Thank you to the many hands involved in creating some terrific action-oriented teams from our Town Hall Vision Team sessions. Take a look at what is starting to happen in our neighbourhood:

Schools as Community Hubs
Led by Lesley  Sargla and team, they have started with Malvern CI as the first hub.  We have hosted two recent community events there – a Planning 101 workshop and a Town Hall Vision Team presentation. Both events were very successful and people appreciated the location and facilities. They are working on an inventory of schools and their current connections to neighbourhoods. School Days are here again!

Adam Smith and team have been plotting the movement of people and vehicles in the ward and any related issues. Now they will create a rating system for importance and priorities. Their team has been connecting with the city to establish contacts and information. Our terrific ward cycling group, 32 Spokes, is also represented in this group. Harmonious streets here we come!

Led by Michael Wagley, the Greening Ward 32 group has been pulling out all the stops for their projects. They will be beautifying a bare, orphan space at Willow and Kingston Road, transforming it from grass mono-culture to native and edible plants. An Eco-Fair chock full of environmental groups and green vendors of sustainable technologies from around the city is being planned for the fall in Kew Gardens. David Suzuki would be so proud!

Farmers’ Market
Team Leader Janaki Hadida and team have worked at lightning speed to recruit farmers, volunteers, and local shopkeepers. They have worked hard to obtain their permit, not-for-profit status, attract customers, and organize musical entertainment and chef demonstrations. Oodles of friendly neighbours were out and about for the first market day in Jonathon Ashbridge’s park Sunday, June 5 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Swing by for some fresh Ontario treats every Sunday between now and the end of October. Good things groooow in Ontario!

Park People
Lesley Taschner and team are keen on revitalizing Cassels Park. They want to work on ideas for the playground. Tim Fletcher is leading the charge on a possible community garden for the area. Stay tuned for an upcoming community consultation to voice your great ideas for the park.
If you would like to create a neighbourhood group for a park near you, please contact us, as we would be happy to assist. (Plus I have a little friendly wager with Councillor Berardinetti to see who can be the first councillor with ‘Friends of Parks’ groups for each park in their ward!)

Waterfront Beach Vitality
Neil Sinclair and team have been consuming copious amounts of coffee at Remarkable Bean where they meet regularly to dream about great things for the Beach! They have created the Waterfront Beach Community Association  (WBCA) whose goal is to preserve a small town flavour in the ‘big’ city. Some of the items on their list are: spruce up the washrooms along the waterfront, paint shop fronts in a cohesive way to bring a sense of unity and small town atmosphere and offer shuttle bus service encouraging visitors to park at municipal lots. Come on down and get involved.  The Remarkable Bean offers more than coffee and Susan Fowler (owner) is your gracious host.

Heritage and Preservation
Emily McLuhan and team are interested in finding buildings with great history. They are connecting with our Ward 32 Jane Jacobs panel to help create visions for our neighbourhoods. History Buffs unite!

Renewable Energy
I met energetic Marissa Sterling at an environmental meeting the other day. She is interested in forming a sustainable energy group. So we are doing a call out now for anyone keen on energizing our ward and the planet. Get electrified!

It’s never too late to join in on the fun, so give us a phone call/email/holler if you are interested.  We are happy to form other teams as well if you have a burning idea. Our community benefits immensely when we are all involved! Contact me at; 416-392-1376; Twitter: mary_margaret32

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