Waverly Road Baptist Church

Open Doors: Waverly Road Baptist Church celebrates 125 years in the Beach

In 1891, a grocer on Queen Street named Philip Whitlock started a Sunday School for children in the back of his store, in what is now Whitlock’s restaurant. From these humble beginnings, Waverley Road Baptist Church was started. The church soon built its own building on Kenilworth Avenue south of Queen, which is now The […]

Entertainment Beat

The Shout Sister! Choir will be hosting a concert at Kingston Road United Church tonight, Tuesday, June 11. The choir takes an unusual approach to choral singing, with a focus on fun and singing popular music, without the need to learn how to read sheet music.  The Toronto South East chapter, one of 16, is […]

Christianity growing fastest in faraway nations

Evangelical Christians around the world believe in the Biblical doctrine of the imminent return of Jesus Christ.  Scripture teaches that the Bride of Christ, the Church Universal, will soon be caught up to meet Him in the air. One of the supporting evidences of this doctrine is the unprecedented  worldwide turning of millions of people […]