Beach-born Water Brothers return for a final season tonight

Beachers Tyler and Alex Mifflin are returning tonight for the fourth and final season of The Water Brothers on TVO. The series, which is hosted, written and produced by the brothers, will see them travel to the Amazon in order to demonstrate the vital role water plays in our ecosystem. The episodes will also be focusing […]

Glen Davis water source a mystery

Water from what may be a buried creek is gurgling up onto Glen Davis Crescent, causing long sheets of ice on both sides of a street with no sidewalks. Residents say the water sprang up about three years ago, and the “Glen Davis Glacier” is getting worse every winter. Staff from the city’s transportation and […]

Boardwalk trees not lacking fluids

When a gardener asked Beach Metro News to find out if lack of moisture was causing white patches to form on the base of trees along the boardwalk, the answer was actually the opposite – too much watering, by dogs. Beth McEwen, the city’s manager of urban tree renewal, says while dog urine is toxic […]

Students raise funds walking for water

Three students from Monarch Park Collegiate are hoping to raise enough money for the Free The Children organization to build a well in Kenya. The catch? All three will be camping for three days, and will carry all of the water they need for the weekend a distance of five kilometres, every time they need […]

How do you like your water?

Remember the days when water used to be a simple drink that came from a tap? That, of course, is still an option, but today there is a plethora of bottled water products to choose from. In Canada, all bottled water (domestic and imported) is regulated as a food product by both Health Canada and […]

Wireless water meters on their way

New water meters, which will transmit water usage data wirelessly, are set to be installed in all Ward 32 homes. Beginning in July, meters will be replaced in already-metered homes or installed in homes where no meter currently exists, which means flat rate customers will now be on a measured system. To answer questions about […]

Celebrate Water Week with Beach’s Water Brothers

They came bounding into the meeting dripping wet from the mix of rain and snow that was falling outside, but Alex and Tyler Mifflin were unperturbed. They are, after all, the ‘Water Brothers’. The Water Brothers is also the title of the boys’ new original documentary series which premieres March 19 at 7 p.m. on […]