Letter: She wants to volunteer but…

In response to the May 16 editorial and how hard it is to acquire good volunteers, I find the recruiting process and level of commitment required as obstacles. The volunteer listings read like a career position. Police checks are usually mandatory plus organizations want your promise to serve – very often – for at least […]

Volunteerism starts with a simple question

During the holidays many of us make time to help those in need in our community.  While more people volunteer around Christmas, Chanukah and New Year’s than any other time, the needs of our vulnerable citizens continue throughout the year. At Community Centre 55’s Share A Christmas, hundreds of people gave their time, energy and […]

Healthy Earth helps out far from home

In rural India, Donna Watson helped build a brick wall to keep goats out of a village school yard. On a two-week trip organized by the social enterprise Me to We, Watson also saw how a new well dug by its charity partner, Free the Children, helped bring more girls to the village school because […]

Serial murderer or animal helper?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with different people over the years, but the day a police officer asked me if I was a serial killer might be one of the most memorable. I should probably explain that I wasn’t under arrest, at a police station, or crouched over a body. I was merely standing behind […]

Lucky Volunteers

From the nearly 300 volunteers who deliver our newspaper every issue, here are some of our “Lucky Ones” who have been randomly selected to be published and receive a small token of appreciation. Of course, we thank ALL of our volunteers for their continued support, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New […]

Teach children early about volunteering

The guidance office in any high school will tell you the same thing. In the final months of their final year, some students invariably appear at the door to the guidance office, confusion in their eyes. But it’s not their academics they’re worried about. High school students in Ontario get four whole years to figure […]