How do you know your pet is ill?

I mentioned in my last article something all vets hear pretty frequently from owners: “Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could talk?” I wrote about how this affects the difficult decisions pet owners face at the end of a beloved pet’s life. Since then I have been asked to elaborate on just how […]

Cats are Beachers, too

It’s no secret that the Beach is a popular neighbourhood for dog owners, both to live and visit. The reasons for this are obvious, I can think of no better life in this city for a dog than one in this great community. What might surprise many is that in my practice the number of […]

In the thick of flea season

We are currently in the thick of the worst flea season I have ever seen. October and November are typically the peak months for fleas, but this year the annual fall spike in fleas seems notably greater than usual. Every spring the flea population in the environment consists of the relatively small number of adults […]

Keeping an open mind about pet treatment

Almost every day I encounter pet owners who make it clear that for any given problem they would prefer a ‘natural’ remedy over anything that could be considered a ‘drug’. There has been a definite shift over the past few decades in this direction, fuelled in no small part by the ease with which knowledge […]

Warm winter means more pests for pets

Like many Beachers I had no complaints at all about this past winter. It came as a welcome break from the usual grind of shoveling and scraping, stuffing children into snow suits and braving the biting winds along the beach off-leash zone. It’s possible though, for our pets anyway, that there may be a bit […]