Treat palate differently when flying

Generally, airplane food is lousy. Although better in business and first class, it still suffers. Perhaps some of the way food and drink tastes high in the sky has to do with the altitude. When we’re cruising along thousands of feet above the earth, whatever we ingest gets altered, twisted, and becomes bland. At those […]

Drinking safely in the Caribbean

It’s official: the cold weather is here to stay for a while. With its onset, many of us will be heading south for a winter vacation. The Caribbean is a prime destination for Canadians wanting to escape the season. And why not? The islands of the West Indies are abundant with tropical breezes, glorious sun-soaked […]

A lifetime of travel and an abundance of stories

Everyone has a story to tell, but Bernie Howgate has a million of ’em! The former Beach resident started collecting his stories on the day in 1980 he decided to go for a ride on his bicycle. Eight years later, Bernie had gone around the world on that bike, written a book about his adventures, […]

Winter turns thoughts to travel

In my last column, I mentioned that I was going to look into cutting costs on cable and the internet. After a lot of research, my head threatened to explode. To avoid that happening, I decided to turn my attentions elsewhere – travel! You have read about how much I love shopping with my sisters […]