Kingston Road Village residents raise traffic concerns

Kingston Road residents want to get a move on side street speeding and getting kids safely to school. Speaking at a Feb. 26 traffic meeting for fellow residents of Kingston Road Village, Aaron McIntosh said too many drivers speed along Kingswood Road and Swanwick Avenue – side streets with family homes and several schools nearby. […]

Letters to the Editor for January 27, 2015

Eastern construction will extend East End traffic chaos The city is planning to close Eastern Avenue basically between Leslie and Coxwell for an entire year for sewer upgrades.  No westbound traffic and only one lane eastbound. Why this wasn’t being done while the work along Leslie disrupted traffic is totally beyond comprehension. Why it would […]

A tale of Christmas and traffic

I travel on the TTC a lot. Meetings. Classes. Shopping. Visits. Out comes my Metropass and away I go. As our beautiful city grows in size and population I find it is becoming a challenge to get from one place to another. The calculations become more and more complex. Should I leave 15 minutes earlier […]

Council candidates cover traffic, transit at Applegrove debate

Most candidates who joined the first live forum of the Ward 32 council race made sure to cross the ‘T’’s – transit and traffic. Those two issues drew the most questions and detailed answers at the open-floor forum hosted by Applegrove Community Complex on Oct. 2. Beach resident Adam Smith told the nine candidates on […]

Road laws accident waiting to happen

On July 22, I witnessed a white truck race out of the building site of the Glen Condominiums on Kingston Road right across from my law office. A moment later I heard the horrific scream of a dog being hit, and watched as the shaken owner and neighbours rushed to an emergency veterinarian office. He […]

Kids petition for safer streets

Dog walkers, beachgoers, kids on bikes and adults on phones – everyone crossing Hammersmith and Hubbard is a little safer this summer thanks to a trio of kid campaigners. Snow and ice were still on the ground when Olivia, Isobel, and Eddy Forrest trekked door-to-door to collect some 120 signatures calling for an all-way stop […]

Battle brews over Blantyre bumps

A group of residents on Blantyre Avenue between Kingston Road and Gerrard Street East is frustrated that their efforts to have traffic calming installed on their streets have been denied by Scarborough Community Council. Local resident Cynthia Doull said a plan designed by the city’s traffic department, which included chicanes, speed humps and choke points […]