Even ducklings face daily challenges

Does this classic kid’s song ring a bell? “Five little ducks went out to play, over the hill and far away, momma duck says, ‘quack quack quack’, but only four little ducks came back” In reality, at this point in the song momma duck is thinking about where her duckling went? While this song ends […]

Close encounter of a furry kind

“Nuts!” That’s how Gene Domagala, Beach historian and noted friend of Lee Avenue squirrels, describes last Monday morning. Equipped with garden gloves and a tall yellow ladder, the rescue-and-release team from Toronto Wildlife Centre was in his backyard to install what may be the Beach’s first squirrel condo. A five-unit, 0.6-metre “den box,” it came […]

Marsupial moves into heart of Beach

Why did the opossum cross Wineva Avenue? Rick Wyszynski didn’t ask, but he did snap a photo of the one that slowly crossed his street a few weeks ago. Wyszynski said it was the first opossum he has seen in the Beach after 30 years here. “It didn’t look like the usual raccoon, so I […]

Owl lets man know who’s boss

Kew Gardens is a fine place to be at sunset, but if you go in the next month or so, check the trees to see who’s watching you first. A Beach resident says he was pecked by an owl there last Tuesday after he sat down on a park bench just north of the Gardener’s […]

Fox in distress gets help at TWC

The afternoon was cold, so cold you could see your breath. It was beginning to get dark. Everyone was quiet, excited, and hopeful. We were waiting…and hoping…and then all of a sudden, “There! There he goes!” Within a few short seconds the fox darts out of his cage, over a fence, and onto the bluffs. […]