Environment Views: When it rains, it pours

As yet another June rainfall pelts against my windows, I am thinking about the still flooded Woodbine Beach, and photos and film footage I have seen of the Toronto Islands underwater. I know I am not the only one worrying about this year’s disturbing spring weather and how it affects homeowners, nature lovers, motorists, wildlife […]

Beach teen earns Duke of Edinburgh silver award

Sara Upshur has raised funds for a Central American orphanage, learned new art skills, taken up running, and participated in a camping trip on the Toronto islands to achieve her goals.  On May 23, Upshur will join other ambitious youth at the police college in Etobicoke to be rewarded for those achievements with the Duke […]

Path to accessibility at Woodbine Beach

If you’ve got wheels or hot feet, there is now an easy way to the water at Woodbine Beach. Parks staff recently installed a plastic path to help people cross the sand between the beach boardwalk and the shoreline south of Donald D. Summerville Pool. Geordy Cook, 7, discovered it last week on a bike […]