You can find good-quality perennials at bargain prices in the fall.

Eight great gardening hints for October

Well, haven’t we been the lucky ones this year. The leaves are still green, the flowers are still blooming and the Blue Jays made the division play-offs. (At least they were still in the game when I wrote this.) Thanksgiving is done, and we Beachers still have good enough weather to get out and garden. […]

A pretty, patriotic tulip for Canada’s 150th

We’re teetering on the edge of fall right now, and the usual fall routines come to mind. Clean the tools, rake the leaves, madly plant spring-blooming bulbs, blah, blah, blah. This year, though, there’s something new and fun for Canadian gardeners to indulge in. It’s the Canada 150 tulip, chosen by the federal National Capital […]

Meet the fun and easy-going succulents

Say it slowly: “Sssuu-cu-lent.” Sounds so juicy and luscious, it immediately brings to mind foods like roast turkey, strawberries and crème caramel. But not if you’re a gardener. In that case it calls up visions of fat, fleshy plants in a palette of blues, greens, browns and purples, usually displayed in a neat, geometric leaf […]