A weird and wonderful garden quiz

The days are longer, but the snow is deeper. While we wait out February and March, here’s a true/false garden quiz to amuse you. If you know how, you can grow a vampire orchid. Plant an onion, and you may find it “walking” to a new spot. The oldest living thing on earth is a […]

Fall for the perfect preserves

It’s September. The late summer heat brought out the crickets and their distinctive “chirp” fills the day, building a background orchestra for the kitchen sounds. For today is the day to make fruit relish. Sparkling bottles are already lined up on the counter upside down on immaculate tea towels ready to be heated then filled […]

Tomatoes just say ‘summer’

To a Canadian, the flavour of a just-picked garden tomato says ‘summer’. It has an intensity of taste and a sweetness unknown to the supermarket variety. The garden tomato is simply, slurppily delicious. Recently, my son brought me a bag of his ‘just picked’ tomatoes, both garden ripe and green. The red jewels were just […]

The Main Menu: Three great tomato recipes

When I was a kid, my favourite summertime sandwich was a slab of beefsteak tomato on fresh white bread generously spread with mayonnaise. The tomato was sprinkled with salt and fresh black pepper and another slice of bread topped the whole thing off. You cut the sandwich in triangles and devoured it immediately. This simple […]