You are what you drink (including your teeth)

One of the more frequent conversations in dental offices every day revolves around healthy eating, both for general and dental health. Most of us are already very aware of the dental risks associated with consuming excessive sugar, particularly the sticky sugars found in gum, toffee and other sticky sweets. But when it comes to beverages, […]

Food for thought on chewing gum

During the past year, Canadians spent approximately $500 million on chewing gum. Based on the average price of a pack of gum, that translates to 4 billion pieces of gum, or 120 pieces per year for every Canadian! Of course, not everyone chews gum – and that means that the ‘hard core’ gum chewers are […]

Eat, drink and be cavity-free

We all know that sugary foods and drinks cause cavities.  However, our understanding of the science of nutrition and preventive dental health has evolved considerably from this simplistic statement. With that in mind, here are a few friendly nutritional guidelines to help prevent cavities. Acid causes cavities The sugar in your diet is only indirectly […]

Make new year’s resolutions for teeth

With the start of each new year comes a revitalization, and a new set of hopes, aspirations and goals for ourselves and our families.  Many of these goals involve our health, be it maintaining or improving it. However, unlike those costly gym memberships and weight loss programs, I would like to propose a list of […]

Get more mileage from your dental work

Most of the columns I write are based on the questions that I am asked routinely by my own patients.  One of the most frequently posed questions is, “How long should a filling last?” The question is a very good one, because it is relevant to anyone who has ever had dental work done.  It […]

Publicly funded dental care far from reality

One of the more frequent questions I am asked by my patients is “Why is dental treatment not covered under OHIP? After all,” they ask, “dental health is a part of overall health, isn’t it?” It is a reasonable question to ask; to answer it, however, requires a bit of a historical perspective.  There are, […]