TTC weighs options for relief in east

How will East Enders get downtown in the 2030s? Never mind hyperloops or driverless cars, Toronto transit planners are drawing up something far more familiar – an East End relief line to ease the commuter crush on the Yonge subway downtown. Speaking at a public planning session held on March 5 at Riverdale Collegiate, Tim […]

1915 plan visionary then and now

The plan below, drawn up 100 years ago, was shown this year to several different organizations, including the Board of Trade. There were three people who proposed this idea originally. They were R.C. Harris, works commissioner (and a Beacher, by the way), Toronto Harbour Board engineer E.L. Cousins, and F. A. Gaby, chief engineer for […]

Metropass GO sticker adds express option for commuters

Fare increases are on the way for most TTC riders, though a new pilot program may help some commuters get downtown a bit faster – albeit for a price. TTC Metropass holders hoping to get downtown a bit quicker will soon have another option – the GO train from Danforth station. Ontario Transportation Minister Steven […]

Elevator maintenance no walk in the park for some

The sole elevator leading from street level to the concourse at Main Street subway station will be out of service until March 23, adding delays to the already complicated process of using the TTC for those with disabilities. While the transit operator is working toward providing accessible service at all stations, the situation for disabled […]

Why the Beach needs a subway

We heard it over and over again in the last municipal election: we need to expand our transit system to get people home from work faster. While this may be true, it is shortsighted and leads to the ongoing transit mediocrity we have been mired in for decades. We don’t need a transit system that […]