Glenn Cochrane: Sturdy Gert says goodbye

Sturdy Gert McCurdy had just returned from a visit to her old stomping grounds of Red Eye, and I don’t believe she had even set her bags down when she was asked to correct a problem with some of the clientele at the Stunted Pines Saloon and Manicure Shop down on White Plains Boulevard. She […]

With only three recent fights, Gert is mellowing

Sturdy Gert McCurdy is back in town after an extended vacation in her old stomping grounds. As awful and as usual, she is full of chatter about the goings on in her favorite part of the world. She had no sooner stepped out of the reindeer-powered snowmobile that took her to the town’s main street, […]

Glenn Cochrane: Sturdy’s taken up piano

Sturdy Gert McCurdy is back in town after a lengthy visit to the far north and as usual she has many an intriguing story to tell. Sturdy had been hired by a behavior consultant to take a group of 31 dental technicians up to her old stomping grounds so they could study the effect that […]

Glenn Cochrane: Glenn tells everyone to “Have a nice day.”

Whatever happened to that cheery admonition “Have a nice day?” The time was that a child’s first words were “Have A Nice Day,” strangers would stick their heads in your car window and cry “Have a Nice Day” while you waited for the traffic light to change, and felons would beset you on the street […]