Kick Start to benefit from birthday campaign

If it feels better to give than to get, Veronica Gonzalez is about to have a very happy birthday. For her 30th, which is on August 26, Gonzalez started a 30-day fundraiser to give 30 new backpacks to students in the Kick Start after-school program at Crescent Town. Two weeks in, Gonzalez was just one […]

France trip results in joie de vivre for Neil McNeil students

It was late February when the excitement truly set in for my European adventure. Of course I had known about this trip since early September when my school, Neil McNeil High School, held the first information meeting about this year’s trip to France. The anticipation was mounting and I could often be seen with a […]

Oh, those execrable exams

You’re sitting at a student’s desk in a vast hall. The exam has begun and you: – don’t have a pen – studied for the wrong exam – went to the wrong exam room, or – have no clothes on. You probably have your own version of the dreaded “exam” dream. Whatever the version, though, […]

Technology no substitute for good teaching

How can students resist the temptation to send tweets or post to Facebook? The short answer is they can’t. I’ve been in university level classrooms where students are playing games, updating their status or watching a movie. If adults can’t resist, why should we expect young people to do so? Many computer labs have this […]

Politically co-opted reflections

Malvern Collegiate Institute offers senior students (in grade 11 and 12) the opportunity to participate in a co-op program. In my experience, this is an eye-opening course that gives student a reality check on society’s working world. As a proud participant of the program, I would like to share my experience working alongside the Ward […]

Teach children early about volunteering

The guidance office in any high school will tell you the same thing. In the final months of their final year, some students invariably appear at the door to the guidance office, confusion in their eyes. But it’s not their academics they’re worried about. High school students in Ontario get four whole years to figure […]