Danforth Rocks returns to Stephenson Park

It was about four years ago that Peter Woodcock wanted to see more activity in Stephenson Park, which he lives across the street from. As a way to encourage neighbours to take advantage of the local green space, he started bringing local musicians there, beginning with an opera singer and harp player. “Everybody brought their […]

Noise tops concerns at Metrolinx expansion meeting

At the Metrolinx public consultation at Hope United Church the night of June 15, there seemed to be one thing on people’s minds: noise. The meeting, attended by around 70 people including Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts and city councillors Mary-Margaret McMahon and Janet Davis, featured a presentation from Metrolinx representatives about the planned Lakeshore […]

Taking back city parks, from dawn to dusk

Most of the Beach is still waking up when Anne-Marie Kaskens meets the morning crew by the R.C. Harris waterworks. Although she moved to the Beach 20 years ago, Kaskens says it wasn’t until she got her dog Jessie that she started going down to the water every day. “It’s a real stress-buster,” she said, […]

Fairies set up shop on Danforth

Sharp-eyed visitors to businesses along the Danforth might notice some small differences in some of the shops over the next month. Until August 30, a total of 55 businesses have had fairy doors installed inside or outside their storefronts. Each one was created by about 40 mostly local artists, as part of the Danny’s Urban […]

A guide to spotting the elusive species Beacher familia

Evening sightings of the ‘Pillow-toting popcorn-munching Beacher familia’ are expected to increase in the coming weeks in neighbourhood parks across Ward 32. These annual glimpses coincide with the arrival of Movie Nights, the popular summer film festivals hosted by the Beach Village BIA, Ward 32 Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon, and friends of parks groups. The familia […]

A celebration of times past and times imagined

Wander past the ball diamond at Stephenson Park on the right night and instead of a pinging baseball bat, you might hear the clash of shields and swords and wonder where you are. If it’s Wednesday, you may be in the   Canton of Eoforwic – an Anglo-Saxon term for Toronto that translates as “wild […]

Residents pick top fixes for Stephenson Park

Russell Spotton was walking his dog Nikki in Stephenson Park last summer when she found a new way to cool off in the park’s battered baseball diamond – a deep puddle between first and second. Stephenson is “a good little park” says Spotton, who walks in the park near Danforth and Main almost every afternoon. […]