Soup’s on the menu this winter

The Christmas turkey had scarcely been served when my son asked, “Shall I start taking the carcass apart for soup?” In our house soup is an important winter meal. That means that the turkey carcass, ham bone, or simply a big bag of carrots can be the inspiration for a nourishing, warming bowl of soup […]

Try matching wine to soup

As the weather cools down, our eating habits tend to change. We want more heart-warming dishes as opposed to cooler ones. At the top of the list has to be soup, one of my faves. Matching wine to soup isn’t usually what most folks think of doing especially because most soup is hot. However, wine […]

In celebration of citrus

Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, clementines – all these citrus fruits  are here with us in abundance from Christmas until springtime, as if to say, “We help you survive!” Indeed, citrus fruits are essential. They put sizzle on our taste buds, add a sparkle to recipes reminiscent of their sunny homelands and each fruit packs […]

Soup is on, so let it snow

As we found out over the holidays, regardless of technological advances, we really have no control over the weather. However, what we can do is make winter-resistant food – that is, food that warms and cheers us. There is no better cure for the winter blahs and freezing weather than soup. Here are my favourite […]

Hearty post-holiday soups

There are times when soup is just what you crave. It is soothing, sustaining and satisfying. The post-Christmas doldrums cry out for soup. No one wants another rich nibble. You want substance without sweet, substance with zing minus the calories and substance on the cheap. Soup is the answer. Here are two soups that make […]

Community Centre 55 gets soupy

Community Centre 55 will be hosting the first of what the Centre’s Nancy Culver hopes will be an annual soup competition. The contest will take place on Thursday, March 1 at Centre 55. Culver will be creating the official Centre 55 entry, which will compete with courage foods’ Karen O’Brian, Vera Cozy Café and Bakery’s […]