Painter branches out for Guild show

Lynda Freeman’s Upper Beach kitchen may seem like an ordinary kitchen at first glance, but it eventually becomes apparent that this humble room, with its huge table, easels stacked in one corner, three cats and one tireless little dog coming and going, and eastern wall composed mostly of window, is actually a hub of artistic […]

Guild show features affordable art

The Beach Guild of Fine Art is holding its annual spring show, Small Paintings for Small Spaces, from May 17 to 20 at the Gardener’s Cottage in Kew Gardens. The show, which will include work from about 30 members of the Guild, features small-scale work with a maximum price of $250. Guild member Anna Clarey […]

Painter embraces artist life

What does it take to call yourself an artist? For painter and Beach Guild of Fine Art (BGFA) member Marlene Pape it took the encouragement of others to convince her that her work was indeed art, and that she was indeed an artist. “I’m still shocked when people say how amazed they are about my […]

Beach Arts Scene

The members of The Beach Guild of Fine Art presents the eighth annual Small Paintings for Small Spaces Art Show, May 13-15, at Kew Cottage (a.k.a., the Gardener’s Cottage) in Kew Gardens. This is your opportunity to visit the historic Kew Cottage and see what the Beaches Rotary Club – in combination with the City […]