Deja Views

After a severe storm hit the Beach in 1973, Sonya Munro and her mother, Edna Thomas, went for a stroll on the boardwalk to survey the damage.When they came upon the Silver Birch boathouse, Edna stopped to chat with  workers who were busy reinforcing sections of the washed-out walkway. She then insisted on a photo […]

Buildings hold history, not just boats

When were the Beach boathouses first built?  Where were they? Who were the first boathouse owners? These are all good questions, and at this time maybe we should try to find the answers. Right now there are two boathouses, which may be in jeopardy. One is the Silver Birch Boathouse, currently used for its intended […]

City steps back from Silver Birch boathouse plans

After a high-intensity public meeting at the Balmy Beach Club on March 28, Ward 32 councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon and the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department have announced they will be backing off on a plan to evict boats from the Silver Birch Boathouse. For those without personal watercraft, the boathouse may be best known […]

Future of Silver Birch boathouse questioned

The question: where is the best place in the Beach to spend a Thursday evening to kick off Easter weekend? If you answered ‘the Balmy Beach Club’, you wouldn’t be alone. However, the crowd  that packed the hall at the club on March 28 were not there for a drink and a laugh. Well over […]