Families protest Secord school conditions

“Old, cold, now mould!” That’s how one sign summed up the trouble inside Secord Elementary’s aging portables at a parent-led walkout on Oct. 24. Jennifer Goberdhan, a parent council member, was one of about 30 parents who pulled their children out of the Secord “port-a-pac” that day. Made up of several portables with a connecting […]

East End schools in a class of their own

Thinking about what my next historical article would be, I realized this is the month everyone goes back to school, so I should do an article on the schools, but a little differently. One of the oldest school in the area, if not the oldest, is Norway Public School, near Kingston Road and Woodbine Avenue. […]

East End schools in need of help

Parents and students at Secord Public School have had enough. That is the message they want the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to hear, understand and act on, as conditions at the school are deteriorating and the funding to address the issue does not seem to be a priority. $70 million in funding was frozen […]