Brewing a new tradition in Boston

If Dave Emilio wanted water in the Boston marathon, he could ask for it. But when Emilio runs by mile 10 in Boston, he knows to ask for something else: ice-cold beer. At 47, Emilio has run 36 marathons, six of them in Boston, where runners need fast times just to qualify. Last year, a […]

Going the distance in the Beach

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win. – Dr. Roger Bannister   Beachers are passionate about their sports, and runners may be the most dedicated of all. Athletes push themselves to strive for that next goal, record or personal best. Some run to stay […]

Neil McNeil runners see great results

The cross-country teams at Neil McNeil have been raising the bar lately with some impressive achievements. Coach Steve Masterson, who has been at the school for 17 years, praised the hard work of his runners for their recent results including their fifth consecutive TDCAA championship. Other achievements this year included a third place finish at […]

From couch to 27th marathon in half a decade

He’s not Forrest Gump by any stretch of the imagination, but local marathoner Dave Emilio sure enjoys his long distance runs, as he has for the past six years. Emilio, who now has 27 marathons under his belt, says that his obsession with running began in 2006 after realizing how out of shape he was […]

Reminiscing on marathon of a lifetime

All runners have a marathon destination we want to run. I have run a 56km ultra marathon in Laugavegurin, Iceland, and the 56km Two Oceans ultra marathon in South Africa, and marathons in New York, Chicago, Boston and London, England, as well as Big Sur in California. Recently I was invited by the Israeli Tourism Ministry […]