Local schools go green

The Toronto District School Board’s partnership with a solar contractor will result in 311 schools getting solar panels installed on their roofs. The list of schools with planned solar arrays includes Norway Junior Public School, Roden Junior Public School and Malvern Collegiate Institute. Although the schools will not receive any tax breaks or financial incentives, […]

Gerrard/Ashdale library turns 90

If anyone ever quizzes her on the history of Gerrard/Ashdale Library, Ruth Henry has a surefire cheat. She saw it from the start. Born in the fall of 1923, Henry remembers winters when she curled up under the arched wood ceilings of the second-floor children’s area. “I came every Saturday morning because there was a […]

Equinox to expand outdoor learning

When kindergarten students learn early math at Equinox Holistic Alternative School, they might add two plus two acorns, or measure the width of a puddle. Equinox was the first public school in Canada to offer an outdoor kindergarten when it opened five years ago, in a building shared with Roden Public School near Gerrard and […]