‘Unbelievable’ win for Glen Ames robotics team

Everything clicked for the Glen Ames Senior Public School’s robotics team at the Legoland North America Open Competition, with the team winning second place in the innovative solution category for their canine-centric project. “They’re all really excited,” said their coach, Glen Ames teacher Luke Martin. “It was unbelievable… they were just in their glory the […]

Glen Ames students build a better sleeping bag as part of robotics competition

When you think of trash, what comes to mind? Plastic bottles and food waste? Garbage islands floating around the ocean? Discarded batteries and electronics? For this year’s Glen Ames robotics team, called the Garment Grabbers, what came to mind was clothing. “Usually you don’t think of clothing being wasted,” said programmer Evan Barlow. “Your parents […]

Robots loom large in CBC doc

Beacher Peter Keleghan explores the cutting edge of robotics and technology in an upcoming CBC documentary, Roboticize Me. Technically Keleghan, who will be familiar to most CBC viewers from any number of television roles, is actually the co-host of the Doc zone production. His co-host, RoboThespian, shows its own dry wit in the hour-long special, […]

Block Ness teaches Neil McNeil robotics team

Three days before a city-wide robotics contest, a freak radio problem had the Neil McNeil team re-thinking fast. The club robot, a.k.a. Block Ness Monster, was mostly behaving – it could carry a hockey puck, slide it on a giant crokinole board, and shoot it with an air-powered piston. (For the uninitiated, crokinole is a […]

Glen Ames robotics team earns provincial spot

When their LEGO robot grabs a rescue truck, rams an ambulance and scoots both across a typhoon-swept model town, the Glen Ames robotics team hold their cheers. Not until the plane flies, all pets are rescued and the tricky evacuation sign flips just so do the Grade 7 and 8s break out smiling. It’s the […]