Mike Burca, a man of the world

Anyone who dropped by the Coxwell Coin Laundry on Mike Burca’s last day got an extra welcome scent at the door – warm laundry and vanilla cake. Inside, old friends and regulars were chatting with Mike by the front window, not minding at all the whirring dryers nor the people who crossed the blue and […]

BMN Ad Manager says goodbye

After almost three decades of convincing advertisers to get their copy in on time, Beach Metro News Advertising Manager Dianne Marquardt is shifting her focus from work to family and friends. On Sept. 21, the staff wished Dianne both a happy birthday and a happy retirement, as she said goodbye at the end of one […]

Long-term planning for the self-employed

If running your own company is challenging on the best of days, how does a self-employed person manage financially when life throws a curve ball? Independent Beach business owner Dean Oros says having a good support network in place and a healthy cash flow helps; a positive attitude is important, too. He speaks from experience. […]

Different approaches to retirement

This column continues retirement planning examples from the Nov. 29 issue of Beach Metro News. In this issue, we will look at the individual who has no pension; one is an employee and the other is an individual who has run his own business for the last 32 years. As in the previous article, both […]

Goodbye and thank you so much

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of my retirement are NOT exaggerated, but until now they have been somewhat premature. I ran into a friend in the grocery store last night, and mentioned that I was coming from work. “I thought you had retired months ago,” she said. Well, I had to explain that I intended […]

Not all retirements are the same

In preparing for retirement, each individual’s circumstances will impact when they can retire and how much income they will have during retirement. Let’s look at two individuals earning the same income and working for 30 years. Both are age 60. They each have five years to prepare for retirement. Marta: Marta is age 60 and […]