Record year for raptor count

Raptors fans had plenty to cheer about this fall. Sharp-shinned hawks posted the highest species total in 11 years, and turkey vultures were hot on their tails. Red-shouldered, red-tailed, and broad-winged hawks all hit new season highs, as did the fish-loving Ospreys. And for the lucky fans who came out on Oct. 23, there was […]

Tis the season for raptors

How do I love birding? Let me count the ways: birds make me smile, laugh, scream with delight, jump up and down, hit my friend’s arm to get their attention, give high fives, and run around the park like my crazy grandkids. I’m sure there’s more, but I’m usually too busy paying attention to the […]

Rosetta McClain Raptor Watch

Did you know that the annual southern migration of raptors, also known as ‘birds of prey’, goes right past our front doorstep each fall?  Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons, Turkey Vultures, Broad-winged Hawks, and even Golden Eagles fly by each day during this period.  When conditions are right, they soar right through the Beach area. […]