What to do with pumpkins aplenty

Pumpkins herald the coming of Halloween and the late autumn harvest – their bright orange bodies piled high in supermarkets, decorating doorways and convenience stores. Not only can pumpkins be carved and used as a lantern to light the way on All Hallows Eve but also its cooked puree becomes a tasty addition to numerous […]

Recipes from the pumpkin patch

This bright orange pumpkin fruit is hugely popular the entire month of October. First, at Thanksgiving, it is served in pumpkin pie; then by the end of the month, the pumpkin  has been transformed a number of times into soups, muffins, loaves, cakes, cheesecake, ice-cream, fancy teas and coffees. However, the most spectacular use of […]

Halloween pumpkin treats

Halloween is fast becoming a major festival. Stores are filled with witchcraft of all sorts to encourage you to decorate your home and your person for this All Hallows Eve. Of course, it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with a party. Whether you are eight years or 80, this night has become an opportunity […]